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The Digital Hope Project (On-going)



The ‘Digital Hope’ project gained initial support from  the United Nations ITU through an international open challenge to bring the best digital ideas at ITU Telecom 2011 in Geneva. The project explores the human rights of access to communication whilst utilizing communication technology to address human rights and enhance social change. An approximated 20,000 people were brutally amputated by machetes and guns during Sierra Leone’s civil war. These war victims are also marginalized from the mainstream of the information Society. The project ‘Digital Hope’ targets these amputees facing exclusion from ICT and by providing the relevant ICT tools through an ICT piloted multi-media community access centre at one of several amputee camps in the country. This is providing the war victims ICT skills, hope and healing and giving them a powerful voice in the mass media. The beneficiaries are learning basic ICT skills, and  creating a great access to learning for learners with disability, and the much needed space to share their war-time stories with the rest of the world. One of the poorest in the world, Sierra Leone hugely depends on international aid for survival, and meaning help for war victims has become one of the serious challenges in the country. Founder Mr. Greene said disability issues is very crucial and innovative technology can help these victims move pass their physical and psycho-social huddles. Amputees and disabled people in the country”. He said that “for us Sierra Leoneans, we need to help our fellow compatriots who as a result of a decade of brutal civil war and carnage that has left behind thousands of maimed children, women and men, we must not make this disability of amputee a distant notion anymore but to think it as a reality close to our hearts and work hard to help them, or else the reality of suffering will “. Greene goes on to say “I believe that these technologies will help to inform, educate and change the lives of people from these established amputee camps.”



Support to Survivors of Amputation Project. (Ongoing project)


In 2010 (August) Dalila Paulo a therapeutic trainer from Lisbon. Portugal, co-hosted the project “Support to Survivors of amputation This initiative of the B-Gifted Foundation support the victims of amputation to recover from traumatic experiences and emotions , Enhance self esteem and body image restructuring, Enhance the ability to participate in the creation of a peaceful and inclusive community.



Login Promise Project (New Project).

The project provide  digital multimedia to Sierra Leone children and youth in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak.

Login Promise further aims to deliver innovative education to children and youth in Sierra Leone by helping them engage in cross-culture edifying exchange of ideas and learn while  recovering from the heavy toll of post-Ebola  and its legacy of social and economic challenges in communities and  schools.  Login promise Project is also part of a larger campaign to bring innovative education to all the children of Sierra Leone. We’re a non-profit organization bringing innovative digital educational content whilst helping to give voices to children and youth to share their stories of peace and post-war, post Ebola transition.



The Digital Second Chances Project (New Project)

The project gives youth who have faced hardship from war and social problems a second chance, and provide an effective system through a cross-cultural dialogue that give youth hope to catch up from bad luck or bad choices. It empowers youth through skills training in multi-media technology and life’s skills.


The Sierra Leone Youth Parliament Project (New Project).

The project  involves issues of  Mindfulness,  Inner Transformation, Transforming Sierra Leone youth to create conscious and empowered youth communities in Sierra Leone, while supporting each person’s path to love, healing and inner transformation. The project also brings a Global Transformation To connect others in the global community to the peace and transformation movement.


Artist in Residence for Human Rights (New Project) It is true that we have entered the C21st (Twenty first Century) through the gates of fire. It is reassuring however that many young people and youth organizations, teachers and educators, are ready to take up the challenge of education for and through human rights. Our leaders have made a huge number of commitments on children’s behalf. if every guarantee that they have signed-up to be met, our lives will remain peaceful, healthy, secure, and comfortable, our legal systems will be fair, and will offer everyone the same protection. Human rights cannot be defended by legal text only. They need to be defended and taken care of by everyone, young people included. This creative contest provides young people with the opportunity for them to venture into human rights education through arts, to express and explore their talents in manner that is creative and involves young people, and is in itself, human rights education. The Project is contemporaneous especially in an era of on-going and escalating violence around the world that has wormed its way into several societies. We are chiseling the best brains around the world in the field of arts for human to help find solutions to the help curb the growing violence by articulating their views in creative writing and arts and enable to inculcate the culture of non-violence around the world.


Waging Peace, Not War- (The National Creative Peacebuilding Program).


This National Creative Expressions Contest provides young people with an opportunity to acquaint themselves with Peace & Human Rights Awareness Education, as well as an opportunity to explore & express their creative talents in friendly competition with other youth, yet also in a manner that is meant to promote peaceful coexistence between the youngest citizens of Sierra Leone. This contemporary creative expressions project is timely and appropriate, especially in an era of post-conflict Sierra Leone when youth violence has continued to escalate, perniciously worming its way into our nation’s schools.






Teddy Bear Project (Love and Forgiveness Project)


On going   Our Project is bringing the power of love and forgiveness to the center of individual, organizational, and community life. Show some love’, is a project that will help salve the wounds of amputees and their children by providing gifts  and showing some love and care to them through the gesture of donating gift such as teddy bears, toys and other essential items that can help them cope in the aftermath of a decade of war.

This show of love will bring peace and joy in their hearts and makes them realize and recognize that others do care for them and they are not alone.

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