Stopping Sexual and Gender Base Violence

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Sexual and Gender Base Violence: Is there a guarantee for the safety and Equality of our women and Girls in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone?
By: Ibrahim Sei Kamara

  • In 2002, Sierra Leone emerged from an eleven-year civil war characterized by unbearable crimes such as mutilation, rape, and sexual slavery, to name but a few.  Women suffered the brunt of the conflict and experienced some of the most horrific acts of violence during the war. Yet, more than ten years following the end of the civil conflict, women, and young girls still continue to suffer from violence and discrimination. The Constitution of Sierra Leone Act Number (6) of 1991, clearly states that no law should discriminate against any person on the basis of gender, but in practice, women continue to face discrimination under formal, Islamic, and customary laws. Sexual and Gender-based violence is a global phenomenon that takes various forms in different contexts, depending on the culture of a given society or community, to the extent that those who are supposed to implement and protect the laws are generally ignorant or negligent in performing their role. READ MORE
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