eighth Annual Summer Camping with the Theme “MUSIC FOR CHANGE”. Alusine Kamara

In the midst of all the troubles in Sierra Leone here is some news of hope from our youth leaders.

On 14th of August 2017, the Gifted program run by B-Gifted Foundation youth leaders Alusine Kamara opened their eighth Annual Summer Camping with the Theme “MUSIC FOR CHANGE”. The music for change program brought together 20 children in the music class. What they achieved was beyond belief.


The boys and girls from Freetown were blooming rock stars. They played Drums, Keyboard and guitar. They also watched videos from other teens playing musical instruments which inspired them so much.

Music lessons centered on questions that allow the kids to discuss how music make them feel and it was exciting as they shared their various perspectives. The kids were pleased to share some of these memorable thought:
“Music makes me feel Good
Music makes me feel Happy
Music makes me feel Ready
Music makes me feel Perfect
Music makes me feel Beautiful
Music makes me feel colorful
Music makes we communicate to millions of people”

It was also amazing to see how the children
expressed themselves through arts and writing their thought together with their lyric of peace, which they will compose as a peace song. They begin to recognize at an early age the limitless potential that music has to promoting inner peace and sharing the peace to all who listen to the art and soul of the songs. The B-Gifted youth champions like Alusine Kamara are up to a brilliant start in their efforts to inspire the younger generation and to help them develop their creativity. More news from our young leaders at B-Gifted soon.

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